Coming in 2018 by Kelly Utt-Grubb



The Love and Transience series featuring George Hartmann and Alessandra Davies


Book 1: Ithaca's Soldier


Coming Summer 2018 to online retailers

From debut author Kelly Utt-Grubb comes a riveting novel that traces the intertwined stories of a troubled young soldier in Ancient Greece and a modern-day U.S. military hero.

George Hartmann wants nothing more than to protect his growing family. It’s why he’s dedicated his life to a career working on the front lines of national security. And it’s why he’s kept a low profile, careful not to draw too much attention to himself. He figures a move home to Upstate New York and into a big new house is a chance to loosen up and enjoy the money his father left him, but it all gets turned upside down when a violent break-in endangers his sons and prompts a dramatic spiritual awakening no one could have seen coming.

It’s easy to dismiss as an overactive imagination when a four-year-old mentions having lived with the family before, in Ancient Greece. But things become more complicated when George starts having those same memories himself, and when consults with respected psychiatrists lend support to the likelihood that the memories are real. Desperate for answers, George works to find out exactly what happened and how it connects to present-day circumstances. Will confronting centuries-old demons help him find lasting peace?



Book 2: Heavenmost

Coming in 2018



Book 3: Mortal Darlings

Coming in 2018




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