Coming in 2018 by Kelly Utt-Grubb:




Love and Transience series featuring George Hartmann and Alessandra Davies

Tentative titles-

Book 1: Ithaca's Soldier

George Hartmann is a U.S. Air Force Aerospace Engineer who leaves military life in D.C. for a slower pace in Upstate New York in order to spend more time with his growing family. His gig at Cornell University working on a top secret DOD project keeps him on his toes, but he’s not prepared for the dramatic spiritual journey which begins to unfold when his five year old son mentions having lived with the family before, as a boy in Ancient Greece. A violent home break-in endangers his son and drives George to hypnotherapy to cope with resulting anger issues, where he spontaneously remembers having lived before as well, as a soldier and a troubled father in the very same Ancient Greece.

All of George’s beliefs are challenged as he’s faced with what he deems irrefutable proof of reincarnation. He struggles to reconcile present-day circumstances with deeper soul memories and must confront centuries-old demons in order to find lasting peace.


Book 2: The Transients


Book 3: Time and Space


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