Carolina Farmstead creates rustic, heirloom-quality furniture and flooring out of reclaimed wood on a family farmstead in rural Eastern North Carolina.  They specialize in clunky, gorgeous farm tables.

The family that owns the business asked us to help them grow their company and position them for long-term success, so we spent the better part of a year bolstering their brand, developing a solid customer base, and securing media coverage. 






We began by renaming the company from Farmstead Furniture to the more charming and distinctive Carolina Farmstead. 

We followed with a slew of character-rich product names in order to take them from bland descriptors like Straight-Leg Dining Table to memorable and appealing names like:

Fancy Fixings Table

Grandma's Kitchen Table

Taste of the Farm Table

Coastal Lighthouse Table

Mountain Heritage Table

Appalachian Artisan Table

National Seashore Table

Fork and Knife Table

Historic District Table

Country Roads Table


Next, we redesigned their logo from a saw blade-themed version to the simpler charmer seen below.  While saw blades are an integral and interesting part of the furniture crafting process, they're not what Carolina Farmstead's target audience wants to see front and center when they think about furnishing their homes and providing gathering spots for family dinners, game nights, and homework.




Similar to the old logo, the old web site wasn't bad.  But it lacked the polish and cohesiveness needed to take the brand to the next level and position the company for solid long-term growth. 

A lot of information and pages on the old site were redundant.  It looked presentable on the surface, but lacked substance and authenticity.  Browsing the old site made you feel like you were viewing a nice template.  It was a useful and helpful incarnation when the company was just starting out, but we knew we could go much further. 

With our redesign, website visitors now feel like they are really getting to know the personality and authenticity of the products, the brand, and the family behind it all.  They're drawn in by the gorgeous images of Carolina Farmstead tables in homes and restaurants, and they learn the Carolina Farmstead story through engaging content and a professional, intuitive layout.  Customer questions are answered throughout the site, and by the time they pick up the phone or fill out the web form to inquire about placing an order, they feel as if they're connecting with old friends.  Prospective customers frequently comment on how much they love the Carolina Farmstead website.


See more imagery for Carolina Farmstead on our Photography page.


Once the brand overhaul was complete, it was time to begin increasing revenue and building a following.  For a period of 9 months, we handled social media, public relations, sales, and customer service in order to fuel rapid growth and development. 

As a result of our efforts, Carolina Farmstead's monthly revenue quickly increased to more than 10x previous levels, and we continued to book as much business as the production team could handle.  Thanks to the growth we fueled, the company was able to broaden operations.  They hired new employees, purchased upgraded equipment, and expanded physically into both a larger space within their primary workshop building and to an additional secondary building on their property.  They began delivering furniture to homes and restaurants throughout the Southeast, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the United States.

We kept the Carolina Farmstead social media accounts active with frequent engaging posts, and their Facebook following grew from 2,500 to more than 11,000 followers under our direction.  We also took exceptional care of their customers, and thanks to the multiple 5-star reviews garnered under our management, Carolina Farmstead was named Best of Houzz 2015 for Service.


Finally, it was time to get Carolina Farmstead some local recognition for the great work they were doing.  We began by securing coverage in their local newspaper, The Free Press in Kinston, North Carolina.  The article was published at Christmastime 2014, and editor Margaret Fisher did a beautiful job telling Founder Wayne Noble's story and describing his passion for reclaimed wood furniture.

Most recently, we secured Carolina Farmstead an appearance on HGTV's Love It or List It with Hilary Farr and David Visentin.  Their charming Taste of the Farm Table was seen in Season 11, Episode 13 which aired June 29, 2015.


Carolina Farmstead is now in a solid place on all fronts, and the company is in the process of closing and filling some of its largest deals to date with enthusiastic customers.