Just Wear Blue

Just Wear Blue was a movement created by Kelly Utt-Grubb in response to the news that hate group Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh on December 11, 2010. Kelly lived in Cary, North Carolina at the time.

Kelly lost her father as a teenager, and she didn’t want protesters to make an already unbearable situation any worse for Elizabeth’s young children. Wearing blue was a simple way for North Carolinians (and supporters) to visibly show solidarity. The color blue was chosen as ideal for Elizabeth Edwards since she lived in Chapel Hill and attended Law School at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, where the university colors are white and (baby) blue. It was also particularly fitting that the university colors originally began as symbols of unity.


In less than 48-hours, Kelly gathered 480 likes on Facebook for the Just Wear Blue effort, along with a significant amount of Twitter activity that included a retweet from famous country music singer LeAnn Rimes. Many individuals attended the gathering outside of Elizabeth’s funeral wearing blue, and many more across the country changed their Facebook profile pictures blue for the weekend in order to be with us in spirit. The Just Wear Blue effort was featured on ABC11-WTVD.

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