Naming & Verbal Identity

Utt-Grubb & Company can name your business, products, menu items, album, songs, books, and more. We have a knack for choosing down to earth and easy to pronounce names which have a simple charm sure to resonate with your fans and followers.

Naming is one of Kelly Utt-Grubb's favorite things to do, and over the years as a naming and verbal identity consultant she has produced hundreds of unforgettable brand and product names. She is also passionate about personal naming and since 2007 has acted as a resource for those choosing or changing a last name after marriage, the addition of a child, or divorce, as well as for those choosing or changing a first or middle name while transitioning to a new gender.

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Kelly is creator of The Name and I, a Naming News and Lifestyle Blog, a Retailer of Personalized Goods by Independent Makers, and a Naming Consultancy dedicated to all things names, naming, and identity. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Google+ to receive news and updates.

How it Works

Sometimes an entirely new business name is needed in order to create a new brand identity, such as in the case of World of One and Farmhouse South. Other times, a tweak to an existing name makes all the difference in the world, like it did for Carolina Farmstead (formerly Farmstead Furniture), Beauty + Wellness with Emily Geizer (formerly Emily Geizer HHC), and McKinley Transitions Therapy (formerly McKinley Therapy).

Utt-Grubb & Company will assess your business and name, and will create and/or tweak as needed in order to position your baby for big success.

A typical naming package is completed within 1 to 3 weeks. Specific fees and recommendations depend on your business and the number of names requested.

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In addition to direct work with our own clients, Utt-Grubb & Company provides business and product naming services for other advertising, digital, and creative agencies which don't have those capabilities in house. If you know a creative professional or agency we should meet, please connect us.