Ithaca's Soldier

A Love and Transience Novel


Things get complicated for a U.S. military hero when he remembers having lived with his loved ones before, in Ancient Greece.

About Ithaca's Soldier:

From debut author Kelly Utt-Grubb comes a compelling novel that introduces the intertwined stories of a modern-day U.S. military hero and a troubled young soldier in Ancient Greece.

Family is everything to George Hartmann, which is why he wants nothing more than to keep his growing brood safe. It’s why he’s dedicated his life to a career working on the front lines of national security. And it’s why he’s kept a low profile, careful not to draw too much attention to himself. He figures a move home to Upstate New York and into a big new house is a chance to loosen up and enjoy the money his father left him, but things get turned upside down when a violent break-in endangers his sons and prompts a dramatic spiritual awakening no one could have seen coming. After all, it’s easy to dismiss as an overactive imagination when a four-year-old mentions having lived with the family before in another time and place. But the situation becomes more complicated when George experiences those same memories himself and then comes to realize that centuries-old demons may be back to haunt him.

In Ithaca's Soldier, the first book in the Love and Transience Series, George vows to find out exactly what happened and how it connects to present-day circumstances while, at the same time, navigating life's ups and downs. It's almost more than one person can handle. Luckily, George has the best people to lean on. And they are always there for each other.


About the Love and Transience Series:

In a profound tale of love, loss, resilience, and becoming, the Love and Transience series chronicles the close-knit Hartmann and Davies families across time and space. This life-affirming story, anchored by the deep affection between George and Alessandra, reveals how the connections we share can ground us during even the most difficult times as we endeavor to learn what we're made of. Will George Hartmann be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace? Join the family you'll feel like you already know as, together, they explore the meaning of life beyond what lies on the surface. Ithaca's Soldier is the first volume in the series.

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Reader Reviews

Astonishing debut! There can’t be enough said about this novel. What begins as a story of George Hartmann relocating his family to Ithaca, New York for his new job becomes a journey of self-discovery that eventually brings more questions than answers. It’s an engrossing story of family, life, death, reflection, and anticipation. Ms. Utt-Grubb’s flowing style will have you laughing, crying, gasping for breath, and contemplating issues about ourselves and our place in the world while appreciating those closest to us and the roles we play in each other’s lives. We even understand that we may have been playing those roles longer than we think. This engaging tale stays with you long after the final line is read and leaves you eager to continue the story with the Hartmann family, which we will hopefully do in the next novel in the Love and Transience series. Definitely a worthwhile addition to your library.
— Kevin Maze, a Reader from Alabama
I couldn’t put it down! Honestly! At one point I was standing in the dining room, knew I should go to bed, but stood there reading just one more chapter ... standing up. Fascinating book, engaging characters, realistic dialogue, true suspense. I’m so glad this is the first in a series, because I want there to be more.
— Judy Lamb, a Reader from Georgia
From the first page I was totally drawn in to this powerful story of family love and adoration of 4 generations. Then the incident of sheer terror scared me to death! By the end, I was streaming tears! So many emotions in a realistic setting. Kelly, you wove a beautiful story and I look forward to the next ones!!!!
— Rebecca Allen, a Reader from Tennessee
Wonderful read. I loved it. It is different from anything else I’ve read. So many twists and turns, it keeps your interest. I highly recommend you read Ithaca’s Soldier. You will not be disappointed.
— R. Monahan, a Reader from West Virginia
Ithaca’s Soldier has it all and whets interest. I found this story to be intriguing, especially the turn in plot that is unique. I can foresee the continuation of this plot for many books to come. I enjoyed this book and will await the next one patiently.
— Ronnica Henry, a Reader from Tennessee
I enjoyed reading about the characters and found the story fascinating. Well done! I hope to see a sequel.
— Christy Kling, a Reader from Washington
Fast and easy read. It was romantic, at times edge of your seat, and at times very emotional. It has a twist that I have not read in other books of its genre. You won’t be disappointed!
— Jennifer Oliver, a Reader from Tennessee


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