Chay Sengkhounmany is an immigration attorney who has a long history of making things happen and making a difference. As an immigrant herself, she's passionate, dedicated, and she takes good care of her clients. She was recently elected Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, which is an honor bestowed to the top 1% of attorneys within each state.

Chay's family was forced to flee war-torn Laos when she was just three years old. They arrived in California in 1981 and struggled. Chay knows what it's like to be new to America, unable to speak English, scared, and unsure what the future may hold. It is her life's work to help others navigate the immigration and naturalization process.

Chay recently went into private practice after a decade in the public sector. She asked Utt-Grubb & Company to create a new brand identity and website for her firm.






We began by designing a distinctive logo for the new Sengkhounmany Law firm. We chose a circle layout which looks similar to a seal or impression since both are common in the legal world and create a feeling of authority. We made the "S" for Sengkhounmany prominent as a subtle nod to the "S" in the well known Superman symbol, since Chay is a real-life Superwoman to the clients whose lives she changes on a daily basis.

We kept the overall vibe of the logo casual on purpose. Chay is certainly formal enough to be a serious heavy-hitter in the legal world, but her demeanor in person is approachable and friendly. It was important for that vibe to come through in her firm's branding.

We made the interior circle closest to the "S" with a dotted line in order to reflect the stitching Chay does in creating solutions and mending issues in her clients' lives. We chose purples with white lettering for gentle strength and wisdom.


Chay didn't have a website when she contacted us, so we were able to start from scratch.

She suggested that we feature an old-time photo of Ellis Island immigrants, and we thought that was a fantastic idea. Right off the bat, visitors to the Sengkhounmany Law website are greeted by burdened yet hopeful faces. Real faces of people who've been through it. The photo communicates beautifully the gravity of Chay's work. Yellow accent was added for a burst of hopeful energy.

We also wanted to immediately communicate to prospective clients that they had come to the right place to find solutions. Even more importantly though, we wanted them to feel like finding Chay was a turning point and that their lives were going to get better. We featured a variety of phrases on the welcome page which get those messages across such as "you're in good hands now." The welcome page scrolls down and offers a variety of ways to engage.

Throughout the site, we placed pretty full-screen images of people from a range of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds intermixed with photos of Chay in action. The overall look and feel is one that matches up with the glorious melting pot that America is known as around the world, with the focus on a trusted attorney who has the know-how to make the American dream a reality. The site will allow Chay to showcase her capabilities and connect with more people who need her help.