Love Becomes Us

A Love and Transience STORY


George Hartmann is living like a typical twenty-something bachelor in the early aughts until one careless romp between the sheets lands him in a troublesome situation.


About Love Becomes Us

It’s bad enough George wakes up with no memory of the night before, but when he sees a honeymoon photo on his lover’s nightstand then finds out she has ulterior motives for their union, only one thing echos through his mind: What was I thinking? Determined to avoid having his life turn out like a melodramatic daytime talk show episode, George must get serious about what he wants and how to prepare for it.

Can we plan for destiny? And how do we know we’re doing it right, so that we don’t miss out on the very best things life has in store for us? Fans of Ithaca's Soldier will enjoy this e-book original short story, which is a prequel to the Love and Transience series of novels.

About the Love and Transience Series:

In a profound tale of love, loss, resilience, and becoming, the Love and Transience series chronicles the close-knit Hartmann and Davies families across time and space. This life-affirming story, anchored by the deep affection between George and Alessandra, reveals how the connections we share can ground us during even the most difficult times as we endeavor to learn what we're made of. Will George Hartmann be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace? Join the family you'll feel like you already know as, together, they explore the meaning of life beyond what lies on the surface. Ithaca's Soldier is the first volume in the series.

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