Working Virtually

Why should creativity be confined to just one place?

Kelly Utt-Grubb has worked with clients in locations all around the U.S., and she has a history of delivering great results regardless of the distance, through phone and video conferencing, quick email responses, and an unshakable focus on your specific needs and personality.

How does it work? Simple, really. You call or email us, and let us know what kind of services youʼre interested in. We then arrange a time for a conference call or video conference to work out the details, and begin to put together a specific plan. Thanks to her smartphone and iPad, Kelly can join in the conference from wherever she is. She'll share ideas and inspiration with the screen-sharing software, so while you talk you can see what kind of ideas she has in mind, and share your own vision and input.

Then, Kelly and her team put the plan into action, working in person as well as virtually through Dropbox and mobile computing. You'll keep in touch with each other and we'll update you frequently, keeping you in the loop with deliverables and responses to your feedback, from wherever we are.

Why work virtually?  Why not?  You want the best talent you can get, not just the best in driving distance. Contemporary virtual technology allows you to work with Kelly Utt-Grubb from anywhere -- whether youʼre just a few hours away in Atlanta, or across the world in Australia -- without sacrificing the convenience of collaborating locally. Opening your options to a long-distance partnership will help you find the best expertise and talent, and help you to find the creative partner whose culture and vision are right for you.

Working virtually also offers you increased freedom and mobility yourself. You donʼt have to be in the office to check in and make sure that the project is moving along just how you want. Thatʼs why two thirds of all Fortune 500 companies employ virtual work technology. These days, working long-distance doesnʼt have to mean risk or uncertainty; you can check in at any time and see the projectʼs progress whenever you want-- or just relax knowing you're in good hands. 

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